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Real Design advise for the Kitchen and Bathroom. With a bit of design guidance you can do your kitchen and bathroom yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

If you still don't know exactly what you should do to design the kitchen or bath of your dreams, Vicinity Hardware Design Staff can offer you a few tips on some definite dos and don'ts for your upcoming project.

Coordinate and Complete
One of the easiest ways to create a professionally designed look in your bathroom is to coordinate the metal finishes. Start by updating the faucet with a new, sleek style in a hot finish, such as antique nickel, oil rubbed bronze or brushed bronze. Be sure not to stop with the faucet - change your drawer pulls, knobs, towel bars, showerheads, accessories and even your framed art work.

In the kitchen, don't mix and match your appliances! If you have the ability, make your appliances coordinate, since having one black, one white and one stainless appliance makes your kitchen look disjointed. The same with hardware, knobs, faucets and accessories - having a coordinated finish can unify a room's many elements.

Less is more
Don't go overboard on the design extras for your kitchen and bathroom. In kitchens, tops of wall-hung cabinets tend to be a trap for clutter with ivy or other fake plants. Simplify your décor with a couple of featured items, such as a distinctive piece of art work or vase.

For baths, choose accessories that are beautiful and functional to pull together your design. Adding complementary or contrasting color towels, bathmats and shower curtains can brighten up your bathroom and create a finished and cohesive look. In addition, accessories such as toothbrush and cup holders, towel bars and soap dishes are available in coordinating finishes to match your faucets. Try the Moen Kingsley or Iso wall-mounted accessories from Moen. Not only do they add style, but these pieces also provide additional storage solutions to avoid clutter. Check out  FYI, these products are LOCAL.  Avoid shipping costs by calling Vicinity Hardware directly with your order.

Illuminate your style
Don't underestimate the impact of good lighting. Selecting good lighting is key to showing off your style in the kitchen or bath. In the kitchen, mix up your illumination options by selecting different types of lighting for different locations - choose pendant lighting for feature areas, like bars and countertops; spotlights for the most visited areas, like the sink; and canister or track lighting to complete the lighted look throughout the space. In the bath, update light fixtures with ones that coordinate with the look of your faucet and accessories, to pull the room together.  

Just remember, depending on the size of your kitchen or bathroom space, you may need to limit your choices. Be sure to choose your favorites that communicate your message effectively while maintaining a clean look and feel.  If you are having trouble finding your voice, contact a Design Consultant from Vicinity.  We offer design services at no additional charge: bringing the hardware right to your door. 

Posted by Echo Garrett

Vicinity Hardware

CEO & Founder

Posted by Echo Garrett at 3/11/2009 2:49:00 PM
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