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Top three things i hate when searching the Idaho MLS for Lots Main Idaho Real Estate Insights
As you can read I must be searching the Idaho MLS listings for information.

 My biggest pet peeves when trying to find more information about a listing.

  1. No location given. No link to a map or anything. I thought in Real Estate it is all about location? Seems like the first thing a listing should have is a map. 
  2. I love it when the listing displays picture of the plat map. Not only are plat maps useless to the average person they are unreadable. Just to prove a point, here is an example. This is not the exception to the rule.
    Idaho Plat Map
    What am I supposed to do with this?
  3. The listing has no relevant information or description about the lot.

Yes, I am obviously doing more research today and just reached my limit with pitiful listings. If you are a realtor and need some listings you should research as well and call the owner and ask if you can have thier business and you will make sure the listings are as detailed as possible to improve the chance it will sell.

Dream big in 2009,

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 3/17/2009 5:04:00 PM
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Re:Top three things i hate when searching the Idaho MLS for Lots
I'd bet that the listing was owner/agent or the owners spouse is a realtor.
Posted by on 3/17/2009 1:20 PM
Re:Top three things i hate when searching the Idaho MLS for Lots
I found another one. When listings are in multiple areas. how can it be that more than one realtor selects different mls areas for a listing? Just killin' me.
Posted by tlangford on 3/17/2009 9:56 PM
Re:Top three things i hate when searching the Idaho MLS for Lots
A lot should not be listed in multiple areas. Let me know where you found this and I will get that removed from our MLS!

It is possible sometimes to have a property listed several ways (i.e. a lot for sale and a "to be built listing" on that lot, but any listing should only show up in a single MLS area (i.e. area 500 or area 550).

Most public sites do a very poor job with vacant land listings since they are geared toward single family residential listings.

As always, feel free to contact me to set up a custom search that can be emailed directly to you with daily updates as properties are added and/or sold.

Jim Paulson, CRS, GRI
Owner/Broker - Progressive Realty Corporation
Posted by on 3/22/2009 7:16 PM


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