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Thinking of turning on the water and what kind of water bills you will be paying this summer? Well a local company Earhcraft Construction inc. 208-343-4833 is your local source for not only Green Remodeling but also Rain water catchments!! I have been asked by many people who I call to install or design a rain water catchments system; Well Mark L Hixson received publicity for a LEED H Green built home in North end Boise last year for his innovative

Design elements, use of recycled concrete and his design and installation of a rain water catchments and irrigation system that will provide 100% of the water used to irrigate the landscape of the home he built for his clients!! The Idaho Statesman ran the article on his system. If you think you can keep watering the bluegrass yards that many homes have installed and not see some out of site bills soon you will be shocked in the near future. Water will be an issue in Idaho soon, allot sooner than any of us think.

Also what an easy affordable way to benefit from what we already have! It just kills me to drive by homes or worse yet commercial buildings and see the water joist pouring into storm water basins or worse yet sprinklers running in a rain storm. this is what happens when things are cheap, well one good thing about the recession besides the fact that this is the best time for opportunity that we might see in our lifetime (it all a matter of perspective) is that people are now thinking of the things that they have taken for granted or wasted and trying to be more conscious of their spending and use! OH the SILVER lining in the RECESION. I am not a believer in the recession anyway, what a great time to develop a company, hire people with great skills, Capitalize on niche markets, expand opportunities!! Sure we all are tightening our belts, but don’t let that limit your thinking! With the right design and the right water budget you might not have a water bill for irrigation at all! Besides using potable water for irrigation is downright dumb, yes I do it myself so all of us are at fault, but we can all do our part right? The amazing fact is that Tucson requires rainwater harvesting and we receive the same amount of rainfall as they do-how long will it be? And just because you have irrigation that is not potable does not make the waste any better, there will come a time in the near future when we will all wish we had conserved a little more.  Contact Ron Hixson 208-866-3325 for information on designing and installing your rain water catchments system today!! It’s warming up!!!


Posted by Tad Duby at 3/21/2009 12:10:00 AM
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Re:summer coming time think of watering that yard and the water bill
Great advice Tad. There are consequences to building an oasis in the desert.
We have started adding more garden area to the back yard. We now have a great Raspberry patch, new strawberry patch and I am not sure what vegetables we will plant in the coming weeks.
Posted by on 3/23/2009 7:06 AM
Re:summer coming time think of watering that yard and the water bill
Thank you for your kind comments about our company's work and your interest in water conservation. Having grown up in the Southwest in an arid climate, I was constantly exposed to the need to conserve water. Paradoxically, as you mentioned, I saw it being used in wasteful manner over and over again. Water and the very air we breathe is something we all take for granted and need to be more conscious of. That's the primary reason why I developed Earthcraft, to provide a more comprehensive yet practical approach to sustainable design and construction. We have really appreciated your support over the years!

Your favorite Redneck Treehugger,
Posted by on 4/2/2009 8:48 AM
Re:summer coming time think of watering that yard and the water bill
great comments i agree if we all do our little part what a difference we can make in the long run. just like recycling, we did not recylcle till about a year or so ago, i was amazed at the amount of plastic and other stuff we collected in a week to recycle-who knew! I think redneck tree hugger fits alot of us!
Posted by on 4/2/2009 9:02 PM
Re:summer coming time think of watering that yard and the water bill
Thanks for posting this info... We have 3 buried drains that funnel gutter water away from our house that we are turning Green with your advice. Seems like we might be half way there to collecting the water, storing and putting it to use use when the hot summer days are here, like this weekend... I'll give him a call tomorrow.

Ron Abramovich
Posted by on 5/17/2009 9:31 AM
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