What does Forbes have to say about Boise in 2009? Main Boise Idaho News
Just what they have been saying for years now- Idaho is a great place for business.

The Best Places For Business And Careers

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03.25.09, 06:00 PM EDT
The economy shed 651,000 jobs in February and 4.4 million since the recession began in December 2007. Only a handful of metro areas have escaped falling employment over the past three months. Yet there are still some places out there that remain attractive to businesses.

Best Places For Business And Careers

#9 Boise ID

03.25.09, 6:00 PM ET

Colleges 1 113
Cost of Doing Business 2 17
Cost of Living 3 93
Crime Rate 4 40
Culture and Leisure 5 171
Educational Attainment 6 87
Income Growth* 84
Job Growth* 13
Job Growth Projected 7 47
Net Migration* 13
Subprime Mortgages 8 80
College Attainment 6 25.3%
High School Attainment 85.9%
Median Household Income $57,854
Income Growth* 3.1%
Job Growth* 3.1%
Job Growth Projected 7 0.5%
Unemployment (2008) 4.3%
Subprime Mortgages 8 16.9%
Median Home Price $186,000

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Posted by tlangford at 3/27/2009 2:16:00 PM
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Re:What does Forbes have to say about Boise in 2009?
Did you notice how the local daily paper buried this? It should have been front page in my opinion, especially in today's world of depressing news. I suppose that if certain folks at the daily paper have an anti-growth agenda, they wouldn't want to give it play in their paper.
Posted by on 3/27/2009 11:04 AM
Re:What does Forbes have to say about Boise in 2009?
The current recession is too deep and widespread for even our best-rated cities to escape damage. Yet when things do turn around, expect many places ranked at the top to be at the head of the pack, notes Marisa Di Natale, an economist at
Posted by on 3/27/2009 11:54 AM
Re:What does Forbes have to say about Boise in 2009?
What else does Forbes say about Boise?
Check this out.....

Posted by on 3/27/2009 12:17 PM
Re:What does Forbes have to say about Boise in 2009?
Boise is a great place to live and work (even if the facts about Boise were a bit old) we still are much better than most of the country (except for homes #5 in foreclosures-Idaho)

Boise's key problem for the future is it is too dependent on growth (construction, infrastructure, etc...) like AZ. We have a hard time getting and keeping top employers here.

Hard to bet against a State Capitol and a big Univ town.
Posted by on 3/27/2009 12:41 PM
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