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There are secrets in the hardware finish and how it is produced that many would NOT want you to know. Find out what they are.

It's spring and even I have posted that now is the time to spruce up your entryway.  Many people will not call a local Vicinity Hardware representative, even though the call is free.  Instead, they will make their way out to Lowes and Home Depot to pick out a decorative front door handle set.

I know, because i've seen it happen.  Last week, I replaced all of the hardware in a gorgeous home.  The home owner lamented that she hated to buy yet another front door handleset, as this one was purchased last spring at Lowes.  She asked me to look at it.  I almost didn't have to. 

When manufacturers, yes even those of higher end products, want to cut production costs, they will finish off a product with a lacquer coating.  We have all witnessed the brass front door handlesets that appear to have a disease.  The lacquer coating has a few more downfalls: 

  1. RING DAMAGE:   As you use the handleset day after day, your jewelry will actually scuff and scratch it which transforms the newness quickly.
  2. SHINE:  You won't understand.  The deadbolt and bottom portion of the piece are a matte finish, why then is the handle and thumb latch buffed to a gorgeous gloss?  Because that is what a lacquer finish will do.
  3. PEELING:  Those aged brass handlesets display this trait at its best.

The solution is simple, for the same price or less, you can purchase a handleset from Vicinity Hardware will truly be a long lasting investment.  Our products have a powder coated finish.  While more expensive to apply, it will serve a front door years beyond its competition. 

If you would just like to see and feel Vicinity's products, please contact me today and I will set you up with one of our Design Consultants.  At no charge they can bring everything to you and help you make an informed choice about the most touched surfaces in your home. 

Echo Garrett, Vicinity Hardware, www.vicinityhardware.com

Posted by Echo Garrett at 3/30/2009 3:00:00 PM
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