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Looking for Boise new homes for sale and Boise building lots? MLS Area 100 updated. Subdivisions divided into categories with updated lot sizes, lot prices and starting home values. We are updating the interactive maps this week


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North Boise New Townhomes & Condominiums

Starting Home Values

Boise Contractors

The Aspen Lofts
S. 8th Street & W Front St
  Scot Kimball Developer
Cityside Lofts Condos
S 13th Street & W Grand Ave
$219k Petra, Inc
Saco Construction
Community Profile AvailableHighlands Village (The Harrisons)
N Harrison Hollow Lane & N Bogas Baisin
Lots by Water  Community Pool  Community Park  Pressurized Irrigation
$409k Behrman Homes
Community Profile AvailableLeicester Square Condominiums
at 26th & Sunset, S of Hill Rd
Community Park  Community Walking Paths  Pressurized Irrigation
Lots $135k
O'Neal Development
Blue Rooster
The Metropolitan
15th & Idaho Street
$230k Dave Suthers
Community Profile AvailableRoyal Plaza Condominiums
Downtown Boise at the corner of Main & 11th
$499k RS Hosac, Inc.
Somerset Hills Condominiums
Crestline Dr. & West Boise Hills Dr.
The Jefferson
Off Jefferson, W of 3rd
$261k Litzinger Construction
CRB Construction
Villa Norte/ Afton 
S of Hill Rd on 15th
$289k Kirschner Homes, Inc
Shiloh Development Co.


North Boise New Entry Level Subdivisions

Lot Sizes 
(Approx. Acres)

Starting Home Values

Boise Starter Home Builders

Pebble Creek
off Hilll Rd & Bogart
  mid $100's CBH Homes


North Boise New Move-Up Subdivisions

Lot Sizes 
(Approx. Acres)
Lot Prices
(In Thousands)

Starting Home Values

Boise Home Builders

 Frank Davis Addition     $219k Modern Vision


North Boise New New Upgrade Subdivisions

Lot Sizes 
(Approx. Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home Values

Boise Home Builders



North Boise New Luxury Subdivisions Lot Sizes 
(Approx. Acres)
Lot Prices
(In Thousands)
Starting Home Values   Boise Lifestyle Home Builders
Angora Canyon
North of State St. from 36th, to Bison
0.37 to 0.94 $65- $165    
Arrowhead Canyon
North of State St. from 36th, to Bison
0.5 to 0.82 $85- $165  $399 Homes by PJ Smith
Paramount Properties
Shiloh Development
Doug Lasher Const
Cascara Ranch/ Grassy
W of Bogus Basin Rd, N of Hill
1.0 to 1.55 $185k   $549k Cascara
Crescent Rim
Off Crescent Rim above Ann Morrison, N of Morris Hill
0.28   $3.5M  Jayo Construction
El Pelar Estates
From Bogus basin Rd, N on Cartwright, N on El Pe'Lare
0.3+ $155 $600k  
Eyrie Canyon 
North on 36th, East on Bison, South on Arrow Crest
0.5   $399k Homes by PJ Smith
Legacy Homes
Robert Myers Constr.

Highlands Off Bogus Basin N of Hill Rd

0.24 $125-$190    
Showy Phlox Estates 
E. of N. Cartwright Road
1- 11+

 $259k- $800k

Community Profile Available Somerset Heights
From 8th Street, N on Boise Hills Drive and W on Clubview Drive
Community Walking Paths  Community Park  Community Pool
0.3- 3 $190k- $340k


Burgundy Homes
Coman Collection
Dynamis Group
Galeazzi Homes
Jayo Construction


North Boise New Affluent Subdivisions

Lot Sizes 
(Approx. Acres)
Lot Prices
(in thousands)

Starting Home Values

 Boise Home Custom Home Builders

Bogus Basin Homesites
N on Bogus Basin Rd
2.73 to 6.28 $330- $725 $1.3M Gilliam
Somerset Ridge
East end of Ridgeline, E of Orion Dr & Clubview
0.22 to 1.88 $190 - $1.2M $1.8M  Coman Collection 


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