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thinking of replacing that roof? think green, think concrete Tile?? Main The Durable Green Home
tile roof green you say? yes for alot of reasons. www.monierlifetile.com has some great products out for new roof and re-roofs. i had not previously thought of tile because i was really not familiar with the product. here are some great reasons to consider tile..

ask someone you know how they like their comp roof after they replaced a wood shingle roof and see what answer you get. I would be willing to be the person says their home is hotter in the summer. Why, well wood shingle roofs usualy have great ventilation, 99% of comp roofs do not even have half the recomended ventilation much less the required amount. Also look at the color change, aren't most new roofs you see dark, dark surface means lots of solar gain. I recnently met iwth the rep from Moneirlifetile, WOW, ventilation ( also improved recently), durrable ( by far more years than comp) made from recycled materials (concrete products),  can be recycled easily, RE- ABSORBS up to 20% of carbon dioxide emissions!!!!, 50 year life span, and much more. Holy cow, i should have looked a long time ago.

the manafacturer claims 70% reduction of heat absorbed into attic space. I would think this is failrly acurate because the tile is sperated from the roof with an air space, plus they have recently just added an increased air pace for better air circlulation and better drainage below the tile in case of water getting past the tile! I know from testing that a well ventilated roof (continous soffit and external baffle ridge vent properly sized) can reduce attic temperatures more than 30 degrees from a roof that is not ventilated well, so if the ventilation is mainly above the attic then this would make sense. Also this would be great for a non vented conditioned attic!!

check out the monierlifetile energy efficient roof (EER) sytem. also the tile can intregrate solar panels or tiles into the roof seamlessly and more efficiently than other conventional systems. What about cost you say, there are a variety of products so I will not attemt to quote cost or product-lets leave that to the profesionals who are installing it. but my information tells me that if compares to less than shingles, but about the same as a upper end comp roof. Yes it can be applied to a re-roof they have engineers taht will asses your trusses for load, and they do have light weight products as well. And then lets not forget to figure in the waste reduction ( this can be used as fill, crushed  or recycled)  what about the cost of having to re-roof a comp roof or shingle in 10-15 years for most roofs when tile will last 50 with a tranferable warranty? and the whole reduced carbon footprint all together.

Rain water collection is easy to do with tile ( or metal for that matter) there really is a reason Europe builds with more durrable products-when you build with a 100 year lifespan of a home in mind you tend to look long term. I was really amazed at the product and how little I know of it. Check it out for your next project, i know I will.

Posted by Tad Duby at 4/21/2009 6:34:00 PM
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Re:thinking of replacing that roof? think green, think concrete Tile??
Tad ,
I have heard about this product now several times. Is there a local contact or store to see the product?
Posted by on 4/23/2009 7:32 AM
Re:thinking of replacing that roof? think green, think concrete Tile??
yes call Eric abergo 941-5890 he is the local rep and can get you the infomation and things you need
Posted by on 4/23/2009 9:56 AM
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