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Here come the 'replace the equipment' ads again Main The Durable Green Home
Don't do it, not without a home evaluation first. It happens every year, the weather turns off cold or hot and here come the high efficiency ads from heating and cooling companies. fixing components of a home will not give you the results you really want, houses are systems and should be evaluated as such, so what do you do...

Hire a Home Performance Specialist, ( HERS rater) to perform a home evaluation, ( energy audit for lack of better terms).This is not your typical energy audit performed by the local utility company. This is a expert in Home performance evaluating  the home as a system to determine the energy improvments, health safety concerns, and durrabilty issues with your home that should be addressed and how to go about properly addressing and fixing the problems. The evaluation should address home leakage, duct leakage, windows, doors, insulation values and proper installation, durrablilty issues with moisture, safety issues such as combustion gases and location of HVAC equipement, comfort, and a systematic approach to fixing the issues. There might also be some additional items looked into with infared cameras, solar ananylisis, water usage, lighting, or flow testing on HVAC equipment done as well.  just replacing equipment will not neccessarly save you money, you will see a difference, but the problem is not just the equipment, and if the equipment is not properly installed or balanced alot of what you paid for is never realized. 90% equpement installed at 60% performance or lower is not what you want. And did they really fix that cold or hot room, or just throw more air into it? More air is usually not the problem, its is just an easy way to make someone happy without solving anything. ever heard the term " just throw money at it"! Just insulating an attic or crawl will not give you what you want as well, it needs to be properly installed. Dont companies that do this install it right you might ask? It may be installed per manafactuer recomendations or industry standards ( no one is ripping you off) but , 99.9% of the time it is not installed to give you the maximum benefit because the industry does not really understand thermal performance or what really reduces the efficeincy of the insulation. Also insulating without air sealing holes between the home and the attic or crawl space is almost worthless. LETS GET IT DONE RIGHT IF WE ARE PAYING FOR IT!

What about roof ventilation, vapor barriers in crawls spaces, how to insulate a crawl space, what about my bedroom wth no return, the drainage from the corner of the house, the draft i feel in the living room, the window salesman that left me the replacement quote, the flyer on the next space age heating and cooling equipment, the indoor air quality report that just came out, the incentives from the stimulas plan? where does a person find the ifo? I would suggest to hire a proffesional to at least give you a game plan whether you hire the work out or do it yourself.

Where do you find more information www.onpointadvantage.com under existing homes is a good place to start as well as www.energystar.gov under existing homes. the report will probably cost between $300 and $500 dollars depending on what you have done, but will be money well spent

Also the report if you pay for a comprehensive report should have someone explaing the results and how to fix them to you. Tax credit money is available for the improvements up to $1500 dollars and also alot more for solar or some heat pump applications!! time is now, there will not be a better time to fix up the home, or imporve the energy efficeincy than right now because of the economy there are alot of incentives from local contractors, manafacturers, and price reductions that will not be here when the economy recovers. Call Onpoint 407-5414 for an evaluation now!

Posted by Tad Duby at 5/5/2009 3:54:00 PM
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