Is it solving a problem or creating a bigger one? Here's what is in the news.

Read the Proposition 2: http://www.idsos.state.id.us/ELECT/INITS/06init08.htm 
      Vote Yes on Prop 2: http://www.sos.idaho.gov/elect/inits/06prp2yes.html 
      The argument against Prop 2: http://www.sos.idaho.gov/elect/inits/06prp2no.html

Website of Prop 2 Supporters: www.thishouseismyhome.com/
Website of Prop 2 Opposers: http://www.neighborsprotectingidaho.org/

Idaho Association of Cities
      Voter Guide Pro and Con Statements and Rebuttals

 Post-Register Editorial: Being Taken In
Boise WeeklyMaxwell: We're in the Money

Boise WeeklyPlanners: Prop 2 is Spooky
BoiseWeekly: Laird Fights Back- Prop 2 backers go after the city while opposition builds

Idaho Press-TribuneCities: Plan Spells Trouble

Idaho Mountain ExpressProp 2: Chaos for Your Town

Spokesman-Review: Takings Initiative Will be on Ballot

The Idaho Statesman: Land Use Initiative Makes November Ballot
Long Valley Advocate: "Proposition 2 not all that it seems"

Idaho State Journal: Pocatello Chamber Opposes Land-Use Proposition

Idaho Press-Tribune: Prop. 2 will Destroy Our Land Rights
Spokesman-Review: Prop. 2 Not About Eminent Domain
Lewiston Morning Tribune: New Your Man Opens Wallet for Initiative.
Spokesman-Review: Opposition to Proposition 2 Mounts
Northwest Public radio: Idaho's Protection or Fool's Bargain?

SunValleyOnline.com: Prop. 2 The Land Use Planning Fascist Comeuppance.

Who Opposes Prop 2: http://www.neighborsprotectingidaho.org/whoopposes.htm

SmartGrowth.org: ''Legal Logjam'' Expected if Voters Pass Idaho's Proposition 2

KBCI: Neighborhood Associations Oppose Prop 2
Idaho Statesman: Property rights vs. planning and zoning; Initiative generates opposition in unexpected places

LiberalIdaho.org: Prop 2 Loses a Big Gun

The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce will be holding a news conference at C.W. Moore Park, 5th and Grove streets, at 11 :00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 18th, to rally opposition to Proposition 2.

Articles on Regulatory Takings Initiatives

The Western Property Rights Wildfire

High Country News: Taking Liberties

Year Zero: The Aftermath of Measure 37

High Country News: Libertarian Takings Campaign Suffers Losses  

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada Supreme Court: Initiative Rulings Up, Down

Economic Analyses of Regulatory Takings

William Jaeger: The Effects of Land-Use Regulations on Property Values

C. Ford Runge: The Congressional Budget Offices Regulatory Takings and Proposals for Change: One-Sided and Uninformed

Posted by tlangford at 10/15/2006 3:10:00 PM
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Re:Proposition 2
Prop 2 seems to have good intentions but does not seem to offer a satisfactory solution. I was not able to find much support but many people believe it will pass due to the underlying principal of protecting people's rights. The problem seems to be that the potential aftermath of passing it does not match the intention and that we will be forced to deal with something that is difficult to understand and does not offer a comprehensive solution.
Posted by tlangford on 10/15/2006 9:53 AM

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