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Builder Scott Flynn of Boise-based Flynner Homes built a green country cottage that captured the highest rating awarded in the National Green Building program from the National Association of Home Builders.

We're the first in Idaho to have a certified green home under this program, and took it to the highest level; the gold,Flynn said. Everything you see and can see has a green element.
That includes virtually the entire structure and appointments, from the foundation and framing to the finish work.

The five-bedroom, 2,619-square-foot home on Willow Lane in Boise is about 600 square feet smaller than the national average for a five-bedroom home, Flynn said.
Paint and finishes throughout the house are low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) and low formaldehyde so they release fewer gases.

We've probably reduced off gassing 80 to 90 percent. This makes the interior of the house healthier,he said.

The kitchen features reclaimed, white oak countert tops with a low VOC water-based finish. Wainscoting comes from old barn wood, reclaimed from a 100-year-old stable in Nampa.

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