The Planning Stages of Building a Home Main Building with an Idaho Builder
Building a custom home is an exciting process, but careful planning is key to a successful project.

Even though we are underway with the construction of our new home, there were many months of planning that took place to bring us up to this point.  Once we chose to work with Scott Flynn, my wife and I had many meetings with him to plan and develop the floor plan of our new home.

Working with Scott Flynn has made the process easy.  His years of experience in building homes has helped us avoid potential pitfalls that can drive the budget for a home out of control.  In my opinion, it really starts with the floor plan.  If your eyes are bigger than your wallet, you can find yourself with a hefty construction bill, but with Scott's knowledge of building and explaining his process we were able to develop a floor plan we were happy with and within our overall budget.

The one thing I believe is special to Scott's planning and building process is not allowing us to "step down in quality and value".  In an effort to give his clients only the best in service and quality, Scott has minimum standards to all of his homes.  Many people in the planning and budget stages of construction will feel pressure to trade-out items to save a few dollars.  For example, swap out granite countertops in the kitchen for Formica.  Since the value of most homes is in the kitchen and bathrooms, stepping down in quality will not serve the homeowner in the end.  Even though some of Scott's minimum standards to his homes may seem expensive, they ultimately bring greater value and satisfaction to the home and homeowner respectively.

One other aspect to the planning stage my wife and I have enjoyed working with Scott on is his willingness to be flexible and open-minded.  Afterall, he told us many time, "This is your home.  It's what you want."  Of the other builders we interviewed prior to choosing Scott, we noticed that they were not very flexible in floor plans and choices in amenites like carpet, appliances and fixtures.  It was almost as if it was "their way, or the highway."  I ask you, if these builders portray themselves as custom home builders, how is that "custom"?

Again, Scott has been very flexible with us in the planning stages.  Although he has his preferred vendors and list of local businesses offering flooring, fixtures and appliances, we were encouraged to visit each one and look over their selections.  So far, we have not been disappointed and have been working with most of them.  However, we do have the option of working with other vendors provided of course we coordinate with Scott.  I think any custom home builder should be open to that if they wish to provide superior customer service.

The greatest advantage to working with a custom home builder like Scott at Flynner Homes is having a planned, coordinated process that takes a lot of the hassle and stress out of building a home.  If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone looking to build a custom home is to interview your potential builder carefully and examine their process.  If they are planned, yet flexible in their process, you have a sure shot at finding a good building professional that will be a pleasure to work with.

Posted by Justin Beller at 5/29/2009 3:27:00 PM
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Re:The Planning Stages of Building a Home
I look forward to the rest of your story.
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