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Seems like an easy question but it also seems like everyone is a custom home builder!
Posted by tlangford at 6/18/2009 2:50:00 PM
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Re:What is a Custom Home Builder?
A good question to bring up because so many Treasure Valley builders call themselves custom builders when they would be more accurately described as semi-custom or production builders. We had a client visit our community who told us that we were more of custom builder than several "custom" builders they had just met with.

True custom builders start from scratch. They create a unique design on their own, with an architect, with a client or a combination of those three. There are no such things as "standard features" in a custom home. That is where the art is.

We must be careful not to connote "custom" with quality. There are many production builders out there that have just as good or better quality than custom builders.

We've got to work harder to remove the negative connotation of the term "production builder".

Any builder that has a list of floor plans and pre-set options to choose from is a production builder. They have a variety of floor plans and options to met the sundry needs of home buyers. Production builders often make home building a "science" with their system in assisting buyers thru the selection process and with super-efficient building schedules.

Whether custom or production, I see the true art in the quality of craftsmanship of the final product. I am glad to be back home in Idaho where there still remains a level of pride in one's work; where we still have skilled craftsman rather than armies of laborers throwing homes together.
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