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We made our exterior paint choices several weeks ago, but when the paint hit the siding the results were less than desirable.

You would think that the paint colors you choose should be exact or come very close to what you choose. Recently the exterior painters came to our new construction to apply the paint colors we chose several weeks ago.  The results were less than impressive.

The colors we chose were more on the darker side of blue.  Instead, we have bright blue colors that make the home stand out - much more than we want.  We hope to resolve this issue, but there were a couple lessons to be learned from this event.

  1. The chances your selected paint color is going to look exactly like the color swatch you chose from is minimal.  You have to think more of the total surface area where you are painting and the type of surface you are painting on.  It can play a role in how light or how dark the final dried color will look.
  2. Have some test painting done.  We completely missed the boat on that one.  We put too much trust into our project managers and should have insisted an area of the home to be painted before giving the final go ahead to paint the rest of the house.

Paint can be very tricky to match up, but fortunately it is not permanent and can be easily fixed with another coat.

Posted by Justin Beller at 7/10/2009 12:23:00 PM
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Re:When the Paint Hits the Siding
being in the building trade for some time now this is a common concern. no only does the testure and and material make a difference in the way the paint color looks, so does the lighting which is not the same inside a store as outside, also other colors in the home will make a difference as well. the best advice is to take a peice of the material you intend to paint and try the sample on it, then put it up where you intend to paint. by doing this while working with Chuck Miller Construction and my own bulding companies we reduced the customer complaints dramitically on the variation of paint colrors when they are applied. good comment
Posted by on 8/3/2009 2:48 PM
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