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What is your realtors job? Do they know what services you need and want? Are you getting what you paid for from your ID realtor when buying Idaho Real Estate?

  Idaho Real Realtor QuestionsIdaho Realtor QuestionsBefore you work with any Idaho realtor you had better know what to expect from them and even more importantly that you have communicated with them what  you expect from them. If all you want is a tour guide, there are several of those available. I have found many realtors consider themselves truly professional but at the end of the day, many are just good at making friends. I know very few realtors who offer world class service. Think about that, world class service. How many realtors do you know that offer world class service?

If you have defined what your needs are and are starting to get serious so should your realtor. If they are taking you to homes that they are also seeing for the first time, you may not be working with someone as professional as they could be. If you are looking for new homes and they don't understand the construction process you may need to find someone more professional. Why? There are certain points in the building process that someone experienced could foresee. For example, an experienced new construction sales person knows that a custom build job is more likely to go over budget. More than often a realtor who does not know or understand new construction will not inform them of this fact. Had the realtor known to inform them to expect to be over budget when the final bill comes, the client is going to say to themselves "my Realtor told me to expect this" and the client is not upset or surprised. Many times the Realtor acts as a sales person and may be hesitant to let them know all the things that could happen along the way, as not to lose the sale. The reality is that if people know upfront what things could happen, when they do it is no big deal because you expected it. Realtors that want to offer world class service are more concerned that you get what you want and have a great experience buying your new home. They put a lot in on the front end so you have a good experience and take care of all the details. Even though you may not know everything they do behind the scenes most people realize after the fact, that they had a great realtor.

Ask your friends for referrals and ask if their realtor offered world class service!

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Posted by tlangford at 7/24/2009 9:33:00 PM
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