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so just checking to see what the comments might generate on solar hot water systems. This is actually one of the better uses of money for solar power but all I see or hear about here in idaho is PV. Why is that? does idaho power and intermountain gas care? where are we headed?

is it that the general public is udeducated about it? lack of contractors that actually install systems? or the perception of the poor systems that were installed in the 80's and before? Solar DHW (domestic hot water) actually has a great payback, and is a very efficeint use of solar power. some sytems are expensive (evacuated tube and some flat plate collectors) but there are reasonable systems out there as well depending on what you want. On Point is looking into a inexspensive system that installs for around $2500-3000 dollars bringing the system down to an exspense that can generate a good payback timeperiod with over 40-50% savings on hot water. Also look for our systems coming out in the fall for solar space heating that will also heat water for waste solar gain!! there is really some cool systems out there now and the market is growing. Just hope the tax incentives don't ruin the industry like they did in previous years with eveyone that is unqualied trying to do solar and selling systsems that don't work in the first place or were never hooked up correctly. time will tell as they say. what is the feedback on solar hot water? why aren't more people doing it? is there a need? look forward to some comments.....

Posted by Tad Duby at 8/26/2009 6:22:00 PM
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Re:solar hot water is the time now?
This is definitely a multi-level problem. I would say that one hurdle is that homes are now more of an investment than a home. People don't intend to live in a home for a generation. The next problem evolves from that one. Because homes are an investment and this additional 'expense" would not add value to the home compared to the exact same home next door. without the energy saving system. until appraisers evaluate homes based on overall costs to operate and people view homes as more of a home than an investment progress will be slow. Am I right?
Posted by on 8/26/2009 5:03 PM
Re:solar hot water is the time now?
could be true, although energy prices will go up, and the cost of the systems are going down. i think a big problem is more mindset, we are a microwave society, it is not that we can not show payback or value added, but rather no long term thinking. And from being involved in green building and the energy industry for awhile now, at least with DHW it has not even been really addressed or sold, i think you will see a change in the solar industry in the next couple years because the industry in the whole is moving away from the onesy twosy (spelling?) type guys to the large HVAC companies, who have the volume, selling, and installation down, they just need the knowledge. changes are coming I think, will be interesting to see this evolve. if homes are move of an ivestment now more than ever than the solar really starts to make sense.
Posted by on 8/27/2009 6:15 AM
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