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local company Insulstone inc . of Meridain Idaho has a great solution to stone interior and exterior applications and adds R-value as well...

I  met with Les Cullen President of Insulstone yesterday to look at the product they have developed for masonry applications for construction. This is a great idea for applying cast stone product to an exterior or interior of the building. what  i loved about it was the ease of installation, cutting down time, mess, etc. The stone is fixed to a foam backer adding R-11 to R-19 to an exterior wall, then is stacked much like legos and attatched to the building over the house wrap using staples through the foam backer. there is a built in water management system ( this is rarely done right on masonry applications these days). the product has a variety of different cast stone looks and seeing it put together I would not have been able tell that it was not a standard cast stone or stone product. Plus you get the added R-value adding to the performance of the wall assembly and home! this is great.

they also have an interior product wich basically applies with adhesive and a sticky strip to interior  surfaces as well. I thought this was a great product that I see solving alot of poor application challenges with the standard stone and cast stone I have seen applied here in the valley. Also the company is local so it is always nice to see something coming from idaho like this. check it out www.insulstone.com

Posted by Tad Duby at 9/9/2009 3:06:00 PM
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