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As a promotion to our upcoming seminar series: What do we know about the new economy and what will decide who succeeds and who fails? starting next week, we are providing you with free copy of the 1st "Normalcy Report" on the Boise - Nampa MSA. This report will sell for $499.00 per quarter.

For the past nine months, the question I am asked most frequently is when is the market going to be normal again. Well apparently were not alone in our question. My colleagues around the country are getting asked the same question. It seems to be the one question that is on everyone's mind. Well, we now have our first estimates.

The "Normalcy Report"  is a new strategic marketing tool by Douglas Swallow and his consulting and executive coach firm, Organization Genetics. Doug has been a strategic marketing specialist in the home building and master planned community development industries for nearly 30 years. The report is specifically designed to help companies make key decisions and projections, and enhance investor and lender clarity on the market. The "Normalcy Report" will be published quarterly, starting in the 4th of 2009. Customized versions will also be available.

The report tracks and examines the 15 leading economic indicators effecting builders, developers, and their constituents and projects when the market will be normal again. I'm sure you will have questions, so please don't hesitate to email them to me at [email protected] or call me at (208) 724-9636 and please Register our upcoming seminars series today. It will be the most valuable seminar you ever attend - really. It's in that category of seminars.

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