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  1. Confidence
    Every builder says they are the best, trust me I have heard it many times, and that is not a bad thing, because if they did not believe that they should not be in business. Too much ego is not someone to work with though. Ask them why they are the best. And disreguard the point they make that they have the best subcontractors because that is something they all say as well. What concrete evidence do they have. Feelings are nice but proof is much stronger.
  2. The Network
    If your builder has not been around for at least 3 years and pulled at least 3 permits per year, how do you know that are working with qualified subcontractors? It takes time to build a team and develop a level of trust. A new builder deserves a chance to build their reputation, let them do it on someone else's home.
  3. Availability
    Available all the time and will be on the job site often. Truly custom homes are not something left to happen by osmosis. There are surprises, changes and quick calls that must be made constantly. Your builder must be your full time employee. There job is not only to manage subcontractors but to design your home and quality control. They can't do that while they are at the office or on another jobsite too often.
  4. The Right Experience
    In 2005 it became apparent that anyone could become a home builder. Now that the dust has settled it is obvious that a successful home builder must also understand how to run a business from managemnet to financials including marketing and costing jobs but there is more. Though your builder may be able to build any home, finding an Idaho builder that has experience building your type of home is very advantageous.
  5. They are ANAL
    While you may want a home builder with an eye for detail, that is not eough. They must be down right anal. This is not a homework assignment you can re-write and although it is not brain surgery, you want someone who is the type of person who whatches everything and maintains quality standards every inch. You want a 'natural' born builder who immediately can see a wall is out of line or how a home will look before it is under construction.

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Posted by tlangford at 10/21/2009 12:46:00 PM
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Re:Top Five Must Haves for Idaho Custom Home Builders
I would add #6 - financial backing! The last custom home I closed, I got a notice from the builders attorney that he filed bankruptcy instead of a commission check! Good thing the buyer had extended coverage title insurance, but that didn't help me.
Posted by on 10/21/2009 6:18 PM


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