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Two examples of what natural builders would do.

One of the phrases that builders use frequently is "we build it like it is going to be our home" or something similiar. This year I have had two experiences with home builders who showed great character, when no one was looking.

Idaho Home Builder EthicsA 'Natural' Builder is someone who internally must build each home perfectly and I do mean perfectly. They definitley want to make money but would not let a mistake just go by even if it would cost them money. It is something in them that they naturally have a gift for. This gift not only allows them to see mistakes that the untrained eye would look over look, but also it is something that they can't overlook. They would consider it a  mistake and not something they could just let go by.

The first story is about a remodel, in the entry between living room to the den. I was there when it was first being put in and when I cam back the following week it was removed? I asked the builder what happened. He explained that it did not match up like he wanted but It was a minor dimension thing. Even though the entry was measured correctly and the work was done dead on, when it was completed the builder realized that the room was not positioned correctly because of settling. The builder started over and did it again so that it was perfect.

The second story is about a seam. It was special order flooring and even though the customer did not notice it, the home builder couldn't over look it. It was a seem that was flawless. It did not have a blemish or anytihing but it was in the wrong place. Not being a carpet professional, the best was to explain it was that is was not a side seem but it was two pieces that were seemed together to make one piece, instead of putting in one piece that was long enough in the first place. It was a minor detail but one that the builder could not overlook.

You will not be able to tell if your buidler is a natural unless you spend a lot of time with them. It is a quality that shows up in subtle ways and at times you may not realize what just happened. Natural builders make things look easy so they may not even impress you at first glance. When you want a truly custom home you gotta have a 'natural home builder.' To them, your home is a piece of art that they will take pride in building because their name is on it. They are an artist in their craft.

Trey Langford

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Posted by tlangford at 10/26/2009 1:05:00 PM
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