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North end remodel ready to submitt for certification-this will be the first LEED H remodel in idaho and the first green certified remodel in the state. although we do have several more that might beat them there. one is located in..

Fruitland idaho and will be certified gold in LEED H, home is done just waiting on the final details. this home was also the tightest home i have tested yet, even for new construction. We also have one around 28th street in the north end ( will give out address when the home is finaled ) that will be submitted this month, Also one that was featured on channel two green program over a year ago that did not complete the paperwork but has since decided to finish up, and a new home by Bond Campbell Builders on 16th street in the North end Boise. I am thinking of blogging and videoing the process so hopefully more to come on this home.

more LEED Homes coming your way to be certified, one in Northern Idaho turned in this week, one off of Heron in the north end submitted for Platnum, a multi family in Chubbuck idaho with 48 appartments will be submitted this month, One off of sherman in Boise, One off of warm springs, and one in sweet, that will all be submitted before the end of the year!!! Idaho is making a name for Green homes. more to come.

Posted by Tad Duby at 11/13/2009 3:19:00 AM
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Re:green remodel ready to submitt and certify
Hey Tad, Great to see all the current LEED projects in our area. I am very excited to be building in the North End. I cant wait to show the Buildidaho followers some of the features of this 16th street project I am working on. This is an extensive remodel for some Boise clients. This will be there home for many many years. So they are doing it right with a commitment to green. Here are some of the exciting features:

Insulation materials and methods that are off the hook! Wait until you see the way we insulate this home- Trey we need a way to put our pictures and video on your site. Think Facebook!

100% Ductless heating and cooling system with outrageous efficiency. Insert plug for Western Heating and Daikin here!

And Much Much More!

This project is an example of a commitment to long term VALUE and QUALITY instead of the old tired mantra of "price per square foot" these buyers just get it. These folks are not "flippers" or "investors" nor do they view there home as an asset to make a few bucks on when they tire of it and are ready for a change. This is going to be there "Home" a place to raise their kids. It is not extravagant or pretentious. The emphasis will be on Efficiency, Durability, Sustainability, Indoor air quality, Health and comfort.

I sense a shift in priorities. This tops anything I have done to this point! If you cant tell I am excited about this project.

Bond Campbell
Bond Campbell Builders
Posted by on 11/13/2009 11:07 PM
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