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Mortgage Rates At All-Time Low Levels Again Main Boise Home Loans
Mortgage rates are great...but how long will they stay this low?


Dear Reader:

In case you haven't caught the news, home loan rates have done it again, dropping to their lowest level...ever. Not only has the 30 Year Fixed rate returned to its lowest all time level, rates across the board are at their lowest levels.

Yes, that means, go ahead and choose your flavor – 30 Fixed, 15 Fixed, 5/1 ARM or 1/1 ARM – all loan types hit their lowest levels of the year! For the weekly Freddie Mac survey of all lenders, this is the first time that all have been at their lowest level.

You must understand, though, that rates are artificially low! Last November, Ben Bernanke and the Fed put into place a program to lower rates. That program though is nearing its end, as the Federal Reserve has purchased over $1 Trillion of mortgage backed securities this year and with less than 20% of allocated funds left in the program, rates are sure to increase. The only questions remaining are by how much and when.


The chart above shows the 30 Year Fixed Rate over the last 11 months. The first red arrow shows what took place when interest rates shot up in May, rising nearly 0.75% in a matter of days. And just as when the holidays come and go this month, the rates that are available today are likely to take off as well, only this time for good.

Interest rates that were in effect prior to the implementation of the announcement of the Fed's program last year were well above 6.00% and a return to those levels cannot be ruled out. If you are looking to refinance or currently shopping for a loan, lock your loan quickly to take advantage of the lowest rates we are likely to ever see in the future.

Remember, the reason I wanted you to see where rates have been this year is also to see how quickly they can rise. If you would like to know how I can help you, call me today. Waiting could cost you an opportunity to have an even bigger smile on your face when you say "Happy Holidays!" this month.




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Posted by Eric Leigh at 12/3/2009 1:26:00 PM
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