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Idaho Real Estate has gone virtual but your Boise realtor should not. 10 Things you should expect

What level of service do you want. Many realtors use coffe shops as offices? They say it is more convenient for clients? I personally don't want to tak about my personal life and money infront of a crowd much less if it is busy trying to fight to hear and be heard. I know I am more traditional and would prefer to do business in an office but , the justification that it is more convenient and relaxing to the clients is crap. It is how someone saves money, that is what is really going on. You should expect better service and the coffee shop is a sign that a realtor may not be as professional as they could be. If you want a casual meeting coffee shops may work but we are talking about 100's of thousands of dollars and it is not a casual experience. Should you be relaxed, yes but there is a difference.

You should expect a level of professionalism from your realtor that starts with their attire to how they treat you. If you are touring properties for the first time and they are seeing them for the first time as well, you have set the bar too low.

Ten things you should expect from your Boise Realtor

  1. Professionally dressed. Business casual is one thing but I can't tell you how many offices I have been to and many seem to think they are at the country club
  2. If you are in business, you should have access to an office.
  3. Your Boise Real estate professional must be full time
  4. They need experience. I recommend three years and industry experience does not count.
  5. They need to have experience in your specific needs. Are they a short sale specialist, new construction, relocation expert. If they are experts at everything- RUN.
  6. The best Internet services. YOu should be able to use their MLS search and it must be top of the line. If they use an alternate site, meaning not theirs, get a different agent. Yes it is expensive to run a business.
  7. If the best thing they offer is their picture. Run.
  8. If they seem to talk a lot and not listen. Move on
  9. If they tend to talk about other people a lot and poorly, don't expect they will talk differently abolut you. Get a new agent.
  10. If they are not strong in character. Consider someone else. Strong does not mean controling. But someone with a lot of experience will be pretty strong in their opinions and they have probably earned the right. And that is why you have hired them.

Trey Langford

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Posted by tlangford at 1/4/2010 9:30:00 PM
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