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The BCASWI Sales and Marketing Council is offering NAHB?s Institute of Residential Marketing Course IRM 1 ? Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers on February 16th and 17th in Boise, Idaho.

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In this 2-Day course, you will learn how to find the information that's critical to success in building and selling new homes. You'll gain knowledge of the demographic, economic, and psychographic factors that affect housing supply and demand. You'll also learn to employ a model that projects opportunities for specific local markets. As a graduate of this course, you will be able to:
•      Affirm the importance of market research to new home sales marketing and sales programs.
•      Recognize the essential elements of market research.
•      Use an absorption model to predict potential new housing demand and absorption rates in a defined target market area.
Some of you have already taken the course and earned your MIRM designation.  If you’d like a refresher, you are invited to attend free of charge.  I ask all of you, whether you have take the course or not, to share this email with your associates.  Because times are challenging, we are implementing a “Education Stimulus Package”  to help with the cost.  We need 8 paid registrations to breakeven.  Attendees can save up to $150 on your registration by promoting the course to your friends and co-workers.  The registration fee will be reduced for everyone for every paid registration over our minimum of 8.   With 20 paid registrations, everyone receives a $150 discount on their registration fee.
For more information and to register, contact Mercedes at 377-3550.

BCASWI Sales and Marketing Council
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