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This question has become more important in the last two years but with failed developments making news people are more concerned about the financial stability of the developer now.

A community that goes under may not be a good thing for current residents but it is a good sign for prospective buyers. In today's market, the new owner of a community is paying a lot less for the lots than the previous investor and that savings is passed along to new home owners. Several communities switched hands in 2009 and 2010 will probably see more. I have not seen the actual data but one industry professional shared with me that only 1/3 of the new communities available had sales in 2009. Think about that 2/3 of the available communities did not have a sale. How many businesses can go without a sale for a year?


Idaho Professional Boise RealtorHow can you benefit from this? If you have a realtor that is connected to the new construction niche they can tell you what communities have switched hands. It is hard to tell because everyone wants to be the expert to a prospective buyer but a few simple questions like "Do you know which communities have flipped in the last 6 months?" is a good start.

Everyone wants a deal. Do your homework, get a great Boise Realtor and find a community that fits your needs best. If you look around and talk to people you can see that there is a lot of opportunity right now for building lots. One of the things you must do is get out and talk to people. You won't fijnd the best information until you start networking and finding several sources of information. One point to keep in mind- Realtors are sales people. Very few don't have an agenda. They are bisaed or have allegences so it is up to you to work with someone who has your best interest in mind or if you have enough information that you can decide for your self.

Lastly, most Boise home builders are networked enough that if you have a builder you like, they can help you and if they are going to build on your lot, they will be motivated to help.

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Posted by tlangford at 1/9/2010 2:34:00 PM
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