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Whether you need a listing agent or a buyer's representative getting a professional Idaho Realtor is critical.

If you think about it, a real estate professional has very big job. They have to be a sales person, negotiator, lawyer for contracts, appraisser, home inspector as well as a psychologist. There are other hats but these are the big ones and you have to decide who has the best skills, unless you want to settle.

One of the problems I have found with many realtors is it seems many times that becoming a real estate agent is like joining a club. I have seen too many realtors that do it because it is convenient and dress like they are going to the beach. Very few do it as a career choice and set out to be the best realtor possible. Does your Boise Realtor strive to be the best real estate agent?

Most people go with who they like the best but your realtor is an employee and your advocate. Choosing someone you just like the best may not be the best way to choose. How do they dress and present themselves. How much experience do they have. How much expertise do they have in what you want them for, ie short sales, new home or listing agent.

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Posted by tlangford at 1/14/2010 1:30:00 AM
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Re:How to determine if your Boise realtor is credible?
Here are my tips for choosing a realtor...
1. Don't use a real estate agent because they are your friend or family member. They don't usually work as hard for you.
2. Find an agent that has sold dozens of homes in the last two years of a down market. If they are still selling then they are probably well networked and know how to get things done.
3. Don't call them a Real-a-tor. There is no "a" after the "L". Trust me...you'll sound a lot more intelligent.
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