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Subdivision Amenities, Location, Price, Dimensions and Size are the most important elements when selecting a building lot.

Before you get started you should define what you are looking for in a lot? Are you are gardner? Do you have kids? Do you need storage for an RV or trailer? Whether you want an existing home on it or you are  going to build determining the minimum amount of space you need will help.

One the things to consider is Community Amenities. If you are a gardner you may want a subdivision with irrigation water available. If it does, be sure to check what the restrictions are. Another restriction to check is the CC& R's for what you are not allowed to do, ie park an RV by your house?

Location. Where is the subdivision relative to your life? Do you want ot be on a Cul de sac or dead end street? Again know what your need are will help you find a better lot and possibly quicken the search.

Building Lot Price. Do you homework. If you are not flexible you may have to pay what teh asking price is but if you are open to options, there are still good deals on lots. CHeck the 2010 Boise Home Buyers Guide for information on lot prices.

Lot Size & Dimensions. Total Size is important  but dimenions and placement of the home are even more important. If you get the fight amount of space but put the home too far back you lose your backyard. It may be big enough but of it too narrow the kids may lose a lot of baseballs and frisbees. Do you plan on how hte house fits on the lot and the landscaping, RV or other features?

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