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Planning ahead is the smart start

Seven Principals to Building a Better Home

  1. Start with the end in mindIdaho Home Building
    A house provides shelter and security but a home is much more

  2. The more time you put in on the front end the better the end result
    Start reading and visiting showrooms to learn about everything important for your home before construction starts

  3. Do it right the first time
    Planning not to complete the basement and to get the upgraded amenities later?

  4. HIre the best and expect the best results
    Nobody wants a cheap home so don't get surprised by the low bidder.

  5. Take care of the people building your home and they will take care of you
    Not only will they go the extra mile but when you need a favor they will be glad to oblige.

  6. Maintain the Bar
    Expect what you asked for and don't settle for 'good enough'.

  7. Change your mind
    Everything looks good on paper but reality leads to different conclusions


Posted by tlangford at 1/20/2010 10:43:00 AM
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