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Hardware: the most confusing title for one of the most influential surfaces of interior design! What is architectural hardware, who is Vicinity Hardware and what makes us so special.


Owning a company called Vicinity Hardware can be a tricky business. We frequently hear questions like…"what?....what is hardware?" We recognize this type of question is begging for clarification. So we thought we would explain:   We are not a tool store and we do not manufacture computer parts of any kind. Vicinity Hardware is a premiere jewelry boutique for your home. That's right I said, jewelry. We provide the interior elements down to the last detail…hardware.
Ahhh, the jewelry!   The hardware you choose is the sparkle, the whimsy, the strength or the elegance that completes your home. Vicinity Hardware will show you locksets and architectural hardware recognized for excellence among architects and project designers. New finish options deliver hundreds of looks from which to choose, and you can rest assured that your hardware will withstand the rigors of time and weather to remain free of tarnish, pitting and discoloration marrying style and security.
For an investment in your home that pays dividends for many years to come, Vicinity offers you a full suite of entry products and harmonizing locks and numbers, kick plates and bell buttons, knockers, lighting and faucets. Other products include hinges, push/pull, doorstops and holders, bath accessories, switch plates, finials and cabinet hardware.
We offer premium hardware by time tested manufacturers that you will recognize from your local Lumberyard and box store. Brands like Moen and Hickory. What you won't recognize are the prices! We understand the market today and we are committed to buying better and therefore selling better. 
Our local showroom will provide you with many options.   Our design center and design specialists will come direct to your home - installing hardware samples that you can just TRY ON! That's right - test drive the products and make the best choice for you. We GUARANTEE you satisfaction. We offer installation services and provide a network of other interior service providers to fit all your needs.
Vicinity Hardware is a unique, informative resource for all your interior needs. You will be impressed by their commit to value-added products and services. So the next time your patio lock jams, or you go to touch that old brass knob - remember Vicinity Hardware: Where every knob is a gem.
Echo Garrett
Vicinity Hardware
Posted by Echo Garrett at 2/18/2010 2:30:00 AM
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