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The current recession has rendered virtually all economic forecasting models and instruments obsolete. Thereby, inhibiting owners and CEO?s ability to make reliable projections and business plan adjustments. The Normalcy Report is an instrument that empowers CEO?s to be better, do better, and build better companies.

“When will it be normal again?” Over the past year one of the questions that continuously surfaces from business leaders, is when will it be normal again? While they are many obvious reasons for this question, one stands above the rest. The current business management and navigational technology and methodologies are functionally obsolete in this environment.

The current set of business management and navigational technology no longer provides owners and CEO's with the information they need to make reliable projections and align their business models with the environment. This fundamental breakdown in the environmental assessment technology has put owners, CEO's, investors, and lenders in a very precarious position. They can't clearly see the road ahead. Enter The Normalcy Report, a new business management and navigational methodology and technology.
This new approach to market assessment gives owners and CEO's the clarity they need to optimize their businesses performance in these challenging times. It is not a report we publish or that you can subscribe. It is an instrument we sell to owners and CEO's. Who then, with our help, customize it to their needs and update it as necessary. Custom reports start at $2,500 plus expenses per market area.
Last quarter, we launched the first generation of the report. The response we received was amazing! We talked to small business and Fortune 500 companies from the east coast to west coast. The feedback lead to this next generation of the report. Thank you.
We hope you enjoy this free sample of the report. Doug Swallow and I are providing you this report at no charge because today’s market has changed. Whereas the competitive level of the market was low before the recession, due to the amount of business available, it has now changed and virtually everyone is fighting to stay alive. 
Organizational Genetics has been providing owners, CEO’s and leaders with the tools to BE better, DO better and BUILD better company’s and organization’s for nearly 30 years. Doug Swallow and I would like to help you perform better in these difficult times and have the tools and programs to empower you to do so. We would like to meet with you and show you what we can do for you. The first meeting is free. In the next few days, we will be calling, please take our call. 
Boise Idaho Home Building Industry Report
Thank you in advance,
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Posted by tlangford at 2/23/2010 12:56:00 AM
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