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Did you know that emotions are part of how you decide which community you like the most? As you enter a community, listen to how you feel!

1. Make a list of all of the amenities that you need and want.
A community is much more than sidewalks and blocks of homes. Here is Boise Valley many communities also have pressurized irrigation or canal access for water. Since we live in the desert, water is a valuable feature. But there is more. Did the developer take time to develop a place for you to enjoy or just live. Are there parks with playgrounds and open space? Are there walking paths? 

One suggestion is to drive around on a Saturday morning and meet some neighbors. Are they friendly? Can you relate to them? The average family spend 7 to 12 years in one home so you should really take just as much time to get to know the people as well as you do the house.


Are there parks nearby?
Is it scenic and visually appealing?
Are there quiet areas, streets, culs de sac?
Are the people friendly in the neighborhood?
Is the neighborhood clean?  Yards, streets, parks?
Are there nice trees and foliage?
Do the lots have large or small yards?
Are there walkways and are they easily accessible?
Is it a safe neighborhood?
What are the market values of the homes in the area?
Are there many houses for sale?
How long ago was the community developed?
What is the average age of the people in the area?
Are there families with small children in the area?
What is the proximity to schools?
Are there community events or organizations?

2. What is close by in the neighborhood you are considering as your new residence.  Keep in mind what distances and routes to each of these places are acceptable and what are not.

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