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They do it on TV in a week and there are horror stories about it taking over a year. So how long will your home take to build a home?

If you are buying from a production builder they can build a home in about 45 days, so why does it take some home a year to be completed? The answer lies in several factors.

For one, a production builder builds homes that fit. A production builder will take the time to make the home design so that everything fits into standard sizes. For example they make sure walls are in lengths of 8 feet. This reduces the number of cuts the framer has to make. Additionally, they are building the same thing repeatedly. This gives the builder the ability to reduce the learning curve for all people on the job. When they walk onto a model they have previously built multiple times it gets easier and faster.

Home buiders that build custom homes have to work with new plans and many times involve numerous cuts because the home is not designed for building efficiently.

Semi custom homes, meaning building a model home customized to your specifications, are in the middle. They are still more than likely designed to be built efficiently but the efficiency comes from the people on the job that have done it before and can move quickly.

So how long should your home take to build? If you a chooosing a lot and selecting your home from a producton builder, 45 to 60 days is normal. The production builders in Boise include CBH Homes, Hubble Homes and Aspen Homes. A semi custom production home can take 60 to 120 days and a custom home normally takes 4 to 9 months depending on the size and custom elements.

Should you be concerned how long it takes your builder to build a home. Not if you trust your builder. Some builders are very systems oriented and have everything scheduled and know when the home will be completed. Some builders do things step by step but don't execute a plan from the start, they execute along the way. This means that even though everything basically happens the same on each job they don't schedule the next sub contractor until they are ready. The unfortunate thing is the builder calls the subcontractor and says he needs to be on the job tomorrow and the sub says "I can't be there until next week." This is why some builders take more time.

Before I founded this site, I owned a lighting store in Boise and I only worked with one builder who actually scheduled jobs from the start with each subcontractor and supplier, It was John Flaherty of John Flaherty Construction and he was a semi custom production builder. In all the jobs we did, he never missed a date. I also worked with a builder who missed the target delivery date for lights by 6 months.

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