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Finding a Realtor is easy, finding a true professional is not as easy. Most Boise Realtors are simply interested in selling you a home.

I am sure this post will create some backlash but it just amazes me how many people think very little of the realtors in the Treasure Valley. Yesterday, I had another discussion about how pitfiul most realtors are again yesterday. Yes there are great realtors out there and yes the bad eggs create a lot more noise but still there are so many pitiful ones.

The reasons that realtors are not more professional are-

  1. The barrier is basically $1,000 and a test. A realtor basically must master four skills- sales, marketing, negotiating and Contractsl. Unfortunately for you, they rely on thier personality to serve your needs.
  2. Agents work for themselves so there is very little accountability. Yes they have a brokerage behind them but the brokerage does not pay them, the realtor pays the brokerage. Imagine if there was a customer service line or if you could read reviews of your Realtor. Note: this is possible. If you have used a Realtor that shoud be reviewed see if they are listed here. You may also submit a review as a comment to this post. There are also several sites to rate a business or realtor, like Google.
  3. In 2009, I was told there were 3,300 licensed Boise Real Estate Agents. Approximately 200 sold a home a month or more. In another post, I wrote that to be considered a viable company as a builder you had to build four homes in 2009. As a realtor, you have to sell a home a month, Only 6% are viable as a Realtor in Boise Idaho area.
  4. Agents are in the business of seling. They do not get paid just to provide information or good service. Imagine how the industry would change if it moved away from commission? What if they got paid to take care of a client by a company and there job was on the line. How many would return calls then. What about the answers you get from them, do you think they would change if the commission was not in jeopardy?

That is why it is your repsonsibility to find a credible Boise professional realtor. They exist and but are hard to find. For one, they are busy! They actually do their homework prior to meeting a client to discuss homes for sale or selling a home. When they take a client out to tour homes, they go see the homes first to verify that the homes are actually going to be in line with the expectations of the client. On a personal note, I remember when I was looking for a home and the realtor gave me a list of homes to go look at and Monica and I would scratch our heads and wonder why we were looking at some homes that did not match what we requested.



Dare 2010 to be the best!

Trey Langford

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