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In a competitive environment, everyone competes on price so the competitive edge for many companies is service. Do you know who offers the best service in Boise Idaho?

The title of this blog may have been a little misleading because you always have to pay but many times by doing your homework you can figure out who offers more value. One of the first things I will tell you is that the low bidder  is the low bidder for a reason. That is not to say that many time the low bidder is not a great choice but you have to be careful. For one, don't expect the low bidder to deliver the same level of product or service as the best in class company. If you do, prepare to be dissappointed.

On the other side, who offers the best value? For example, in bidding lumber and trusses some companies will review your plans at no additional cost or nominal fee and right size the plans. This is not my expertise but simply put they take out waisted lumber so you don't over purchase and yet the structure is still 100% as sturdy and solid.

So when you are getting bids ans they are not all apples, look at each companies value proposition. What services and guarantees do they make. Yes, it may cost more but  if you get what you are expecting it is worth it and many times prefessionals can help you save money.

Due dilligence pays off!

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