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Don't get sucked into a sales pitch with fluff? Top four things many builders use as a value add but it are not!

There is a difference between getting something extra and getting something you expect. Many builders try to sell themselves with something that should be standard and is not actually something that  should be perceived as added value.

Four things most builders use to sell themselves that provide no value to the home buyer-

1) "The builder or superintendent will be on the jobsite personally overseeing the construction daily." How do you expect them to get the job done otherwise? That is like telling your boss you intend to show up fo the job daily. And like they are going to tell you that they will only show up once a week. Are they going to charge you less if they only show up every other day? Don't let a builder try to tell you that this makes them different from every other builder in Boise, ID.Yes, some builders may not be on the jobsite, everyday but they have to manage the job everyday or it will cost them money if a mistake is made.

2) "I have the best subcontractors in Boise Idaho" This is the worst credential, in my opinion, that builders use as part of the sales pitch. First- this is a claim EVERY SINGLE Builder makes. Secondly, like I think you are going to admit you have second rate ones. Third- you are expected to have quality subs! You wouldn't ask for a discount if they could use second rate ones? That would be like gong to a hotel and being charged for toilet paper becasue it was an upgrade. You would expect the room to have toilet paper.

3) "We pride ourselves on quality and have the highest standards. Unless it is in writing, it is just talk. You should also ask for references as well.

4) And my favorite- "We are not like other builders!" As a competitive business person I would expect you to say this but the reality is there are many great builders in the Treasure valley and the main difference between them is whom you prefer. Digest that. That is right there are 100's of builders that could build your home. You have to determine who is best for you. You have to determine who you trust the most, is best in line with your style, has the same value orientation, is proven and financially solid.

Boise BuilderThere are many more though. How about, we use quality products? Really, thanks for making me feel more comfortable Mr. Builder, like I would pay you if you put anything else in the home. If I saw something that looked cheaped or defective, like I am going to write the 100's of thousands of dollars check for that.

How about this one- Our homes are very energy efficient? Do they not think I have not read the news or looked at my current power bill? Everyone now understands how valuable it is to have an efficient home.The only point here I would make is to ask if it is certified? If not, why not? Many builder say they have been building energy star homes for years but do not get them certified. Trickly line- I know several builders whom I would trust because I have seen their work but here is  story-

Recently a custom home builder built a high end very large home. When the builder was asked if the home was completely done he definitively said yes. Yet, when the tester came in to look for any areas where the house seemed to "leak" it turns out the area above the kitchen, approximately 1,200 square feet had ZERO insultation above it? Not that it was lacking or there was not enough, it was completely overlooked. Remember when the builder definitively confirmed the house was complete? So he did not even check his work. Sometimes, expensive things pay for themselves.

Some points that do count-

  • They have at least 3 years experience. I would also ask how many homes they have built in the last year. Don't get caught up in they are a third generation builder and have been in the industry for twenty years. There is a big difference between working for someone else and running your own company. Don't be someone's guinea pig.
  • They are a 100% Energy Star Builder. This means that every home they build is Energy Star Certified
  • Member of the local association. This is a sign that they are at least a step more professional and want to supprt the local industry.

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 3/28/2010 2:07:00 PM
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Re:What does your Boise home builder really offer as part of buying a home from them?
Great stuff Trey!
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