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If you have decided to build a home, you may feel excited enough to jump right in and construct it from the ground up yourself. Maybe you think you would make a better builder or you just want to save money. What sholdld you do? Before you decide, here are some things to consider.

Take some time to consider your decision thoroughly. Becoming a builder can be exciting but it is also a complicated, technically challenging and time-demanding commitment. Over the course of several months and hundreds of hours of your time you will be responsible to put together a 3D puzzle consisting of some tens of thousands of parts and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Boise Idaho General ContractorsFor many reasons, hiring an experienced home builder to manage the construction process can be an easier decision that often can give better results for you and your family. The #1 reason to hire a Boise Home builder is not when things go right, it's when things can go wrong. Hiring an experienced builder can save you time and potentially, lots of money.

Recently, I visited a home where the person built their own home and decided on a lot seperate from the design of the home and started building. The end result is that the limited sized back yard is on a deep slope.

While the person may have built the right home and may have liked the lot. The home is not resellable because no reasonable person would purchase the home as the back yard has no size to enjoy although still needs to be mowed and the slope is to steep to offer any functionality.

An experienced home builder would have immediately seen the dilemma. Is this the exception to the rule. Not at all., there are many stories. One of my favorite is a home I am familiar with where the owner was their own general and took the low bid on every aspect of their home. It is cheap, inside and out.

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Posted by tlangford at 5/10/2010 1:18:00 AM
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