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Build Idaho is updating the new community database. This includes every subdivision with lots or new homes available. Our latest research found .......

Build Idaho found that there are 380 new subdivisions across Treasure Valley. Many of them did not havea sale last year. so if you are interested in finding a new home, there are numerous choices and motivated sellers.

We are updating the database of New subdivisions now, It takes a while to go through everything including lot prices and starting home values.

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Posted by tlangford at 5/19/2010 1:57:00 PM
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Re:How many new Subdivisions are in Treasure Valley Idaho?
I would love to look at that list since I really think it is flawed! What is the definition of "new" (just recorded in the past 12 months)?

I just checked the Intermountain MLS and found a total of 1,356 single family residential listings including "to be built listings" that will only be built if a buyer buys it in advance (I did exclude single family acreage and mobile home listings) but included condos and townhouses in the entire MLS (even including Payette, Valley, Mini Cassia, Elmore and Gem Counties and the Twin Falls area). When I drop the "To Be Built Listings" it drops to 825 listings.

I checked for residential building lots (excluding acreage) and did find 2627 lots for sale but again that is in our entire multi-state regional MLS. When I narrowed that down to Ada and Canyon County, that number dropped to 1,300. Of those, there were 55 in non classified subdivisions and I found 183 total additional subdivisions noted with lots for sale but some of these are very old subdivisions with a single lot for sale.

I agree however that sellers are motivated and it is a great time to buy based on many of these lots being offered at less than the cost it takes to develop (replace) them!

Posted by on 5/19/2010 10:29 AM


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