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So solar attic fans are on the hot list now and HVAC companies all over town are selling them, so whats to know right just slap it on the roof and away the heat goes?? Well not really.....

While i think they are a great idea, and a useful stadegy there is much more to look at then just putting the fan on. 1. is the fan powerful enough to provide the proper ventilation? 2. is there enough soffit vents to provide the air? 3. is the attic air sealed from the home?-i can tell you right now it is not so the air that is ventilating the attic is probably coming from the home ( read my blog on Is your Attic Black you will see that fans if not installed looking at where the air comes from can cause serious damage. 4. are the soffit vents baffled so air can move up past the insulation.? what other ventilation does the attic have? do they work for us or against us if we install a fan? 5. probably the first question we should ask is can we vent the attic passively? if so that is still the best method. 6. do i have good solar access?

There is more to think about so don't just think i will spend $600-900 to put on a  good solar attic fan, you probably are lookint at closer to $2000 to get it done right because you need to address the other items as well. Is it worth doing? YA if done right ventilation will increase the life span of the roof, get rid of moisture in the attic, keep the attic cooler in the summer therefore decreasing the cooling load. so Heck yes Ventilate, but make sure it is done right. For an evaluation and estimate call On Point 407-5414 we are installing them and will make sure to take care of the rest as well.

Posted by Tad Duby at 5/20/2010 3:02:00 PM
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