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Trick question. You will never know when the market hit the bottom and it does not matter what the market is doing, there is always a good deal out there if that is the home you are looking for.

This discussion about the bottom of the market is not a discussion for intelligent people. A Realtor would never tell you that now is not the time to buy, they are sales people and only get paid to sell. They don't get paid today to tell you that the market has not bottomed. Obviously there are professional realtors that want clients for life and give the best advice possible but most need to make money and quickly.

That is not to say they would give you bad advice, hopefully they have the integrity to help you for where there is a good market. For example, last year Eagle Idaho Real Estate was in the tank. Was the market at the bottom? No but prices were so low, especially compared to 2005 & '06 prices. If your heart was set on a particular home or area and you intend to be there for years to come,  you probably made a good move. What was once an expensive home in Eagle Idaho has dropped in price and teh more it was "worth' the more it reduced in price.

Where is the market today. While new construction was the buzz not long ago it then moved to no real estate - 'Do Not Buy' to distressed properties and entry level homes. Today it seems that new construction is rising again. I say that based on people in the industry I talk to and watching how many building permits Boise home builders are pulling. Last year the builder were focused on entry level home and it now seems like it is more move-up home buyers.

ENERGY STAR homes also seems to be finding its way onto the list of standards that consumers are looking for as well. Of course, no one expects our energy needs to decrease or become less expensive.

Posted by tlangford at 5/26/2010 10:23:00 PM
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