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Buying a new home can stressful but understanding what is going on can help.

Ready to buy or build a new home in Boise Idaho? Here are 5 ideas to help reduce the stress involved.

  1. A Buyers Representative does not cost you a dime. Realtors get paid by the seller to process a real estate transaction. Also, if you are a seller every Realtor costs the same to represent you. It does not matter if they have had their Idaho Real Estate License for 10 days or 10 years. So how much more is a professional Boise Realtor compared to an inexperienced one? It only shows up when you work with some one who screws up and a veteran is lesslikely to.
  2. Buy a home with business smarts but buy it to own a home, not an investment. You will be a  lot happier in the long run
  3. Less is more. Buy what you need and can afford now with reasonable expectations for your future needs. Energy costs are not going to come down so if you really like spending money get a McMansion. But may you really could live in 1,800 ft2 just as well and teh savings would allow you to make other purchases throughout the year or a longer vacation.
  4. What are your must haves. Most people did not grow up in a house with granite counter tops and came out just fine. Extreme Theater Rooms are something that have evolved in the last decade Move-Up Homes. Admittedly, most people watch a lot of TV and should be able to enjoy it but lets face it there are much better things to do.
  5. Locatio. Location Lcoation. The latest buzzword in real estate is lifestyle. There are many areas in Boise Idaho that have different amenities, features and shopping. Do you bike or like to walk the mall in hte morning. Give yourself a break and live close to your favorite activities. You could even find affordable housing withing walking distance to the Boise RIver

Think it through and plan ahead. Make your house a place that works for the rest of your life.

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