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While there are many features one can incorporate into a custom home, there is one that is subtle be vital to all fine homes.

If you are designing a custom home there is one thing that all custom home owners share. It is not as noticable as marble counter tops or tile floors until you meet the owner. It is not something that the builder can add on his own but it is everywhere in the house.

What is it? Pride.
Everytime I meet a new home owner they have a little more pride in their house than people who buy used homes. Maybe it is because it is not used but I think there is more. They invested time as well as money to have it done their way.

If you ever meet a new home owner notice how qucikly they will tell you evything you want to know about their home and how much information they know. They probably picked out the granite themselves and know where it came from for example.

When you are ready for a new home and want something that is truly yours, build a custom home.

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Posted by tlangford at 7/19/2010 5:16:00 PM
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