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What are the two most important facts in selecting a new community? Main Idaho Real Estate Insights
Selecting a new community is not something you throw a dart at the wall at to decide. It is more like buying a car and finding the right dealership.

One of the things that you have to realize about buying a home is that it is an emotional purchase. Although the home must meet the basic requirements like # of bedrooms and baths, lot size etc it also has to feel right. If you go and start looking for a car you choose the right type of dealership. So the first thing  you must look for in a new community is how it makes you feel. Do you want used or new? Do you want absolte best price or someone that you can count on to take care of any warranty issues, mechanical maintainence and so on. You also want to talk to a dealership that understand you. For example, you would not go to a used car dealership for the latest Mercedes nor would you go to a new car dealership looking for a cheap car. Same goes for new subdivisions. This is called value orientation. By finding communities with similar value orientations you will find a place that can best meet your style. Another example is if you want a  resort style community with a clubhouse and pool, you should not be surprised that the HOA are expensive compared to other communities that have no amenities.

The second this is location in relationship to your life. You have to evaluate

  • Schools
  • Commute distance to work
  • Commute to where you spend time when not working (including daycare)
  • Commute to things you like to do (ie Lucky Peak, Bogus Basin Ski Resort or just driving in the desert)
  • Necessities- Grocery, Shopping, Restaurants, Hardware Stor,e coffee shops

Many people think they want to live in the country but after about 3 years they find that the convenience of living in town is worth more. Another facet of both of these is time to enjoy your home. Another thing people downsize from is yard work based on the size of the yard or amount of horses and other animlas one has to care for.

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