Is 2011 your year for a new home? Do like Santa does Main Idaho Real Estate Insights
Make your list and check it twice.

If 2011 looks like your year to buy Idaho Real Estate start your due dilligence early and double check every thing.

  1. Find a geat network of real estate and financial professionals. Who is going to represent you in getting a solid contract and organizing the mortgage. Do you know a home inspector who can verify the home you want is not going to have a big surprise after you move in? 
  2. How much home can you afford. Get your financial advisor and loan professional advising you now. Not only do you need to now how much the maximum amount your home can cost but also what that monthly payment will be.
  3. Get your must have and wants organized and agreed upon. When you do find the right house, it has to be right for all parties involved, including the kids if you want a smooth transition.
  4. There are many homes for sale in the Boise IDaho Real Estate market and more come on the market everyday. If it is not avaialble now given a reasonable amount of time, you can find a great propperty. And if you are not finding what you need and want to have, ask a Boise home builder about new construction. You may find the prices are in line with exitisng Boise home values.
  5. Have a plan on moving. If you know that family is going to help you keep in mind their schedules.


Posted by tlangford at 12/26/2010 10:49:00 PM
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