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You see this promoted everywhere. Is it really a good deal? Let's assume they are not lying but what is a good deal in Idaho Real Estate?

Top Idaho Home DealsFirst remember that these are normally about the real estate agent getting leads as opposed to actually having a Top deal to sell you.

Today I was surfing around and noticed how many agent were promoting Top Deals on what they thought were great homes. So I am writing to you to remind you not to fall for a marketing ploy. There is no such thing a as a top idaho real estate deal because if the house is not right for you it does not matter the price. You may be saying what if it was priced so low I could not refuse the deal? Remember if it were that good of a deal they would be selling it for more. If it were that good of a deal that idaho agent would make sure that everyone knew about it and start getting multiple offers.

Anyway, I just get frustrated seeing ads for great deals when the reality is it more than likely is not. I don't deny they happen, it is just a reality they are rarely a good deal and normally you have to be on the inside to get them.

Best of luck in 2011


Posted by tlangford at 1/24/2011 4:29:00 PM
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