Finding a Builder is not easy but it is what you can't see and what the home builders that is the most important Main Idaho Real Estate Insights
There are many home builders in Boise Idaho and each one is unique. Find the one for you isn't easy but it is the details about the home that can help you really know what builder to choose.

Boise Idaho Home BuildersOne interesting aspect of homes is that the market value is determined by the relative value compared to other homes in the area. Very little of the value is determined by the actual quality of the home. A 3 bedroom is a 3 bedroom according to the appraiser.

That is great news for the builder that takes short cuts and maximizes his profits. Bad news for people who lose money every month that have a home that could have been more energy efficient, at really at very little extra money.

For example did you know that one way to make a home tight is by sealing the envelope with caulk. How much do you think it would cost to increase the quality and efficiency of the home doing this? Not much, expecially compared to the return on investment.

There are many construction techniques that can improve the quality and energy efficiency. All of them cost something and it can add up but many times, it is worth it. Better windows, plenty of insulation, long lasting siding, not using cheap carpet the will last just a few years, high efficient HVAC units, and caluking the envelope are just a few things builders can do to improve the quality of the home. The problem is that how do you know if your home has higher quality windows that don't leak and reflect solar heat? Do the walls and ceiling have plenty of GOOD insulation and did they insulate the floors? Are you getting a great HVAC system or just a good one?

Home buyers have to do their homework. You have to ask tough quetions, even maket the builder squirm. takk to past clients and ask them about their home's performance? Ask about how the home has sustained and if the builder responded  to any warranty issues promptly. What does the builder do to make his homes a superior product compared to the competition?

How much would it cost to upgrade different components of the home when it is under construction? Make sure it is something you really have to pay for. The 2010 building codes have been raised and today's homes are required to be a higher level home than ever before.

take your time, ask lots of questions, get enormous amounts of information and trust your instincts and you can find a good builder.

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 2/6/2011 2:37:00 PM
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