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Buying a new home is a great experience and new construction is a very exciting home purchase. There are Four things that can make a home stand apart from the crowd.

Boise Idaho Home UpgradesWhen you take your car to the mechanic and then you pick it up after the car is fixed, if you get it and the interior has been cleaned you can easily assume that the mechanic is a quality company. Think about, surely if they take the time to clean the inside of the car they did quality work under the hood.

Same thing can be said for quality builders. It is those other details that you should look for to determine if the home builder company you are considering is leading the pack or just another builder?

  1. Quality doors. The front door is normally a center piece of the home. If the front door is cheap it could be a sign that the rest of the house was built the same. Additionally, hollow fill doors are cheap so if you find that the bedroom and main doors to rooms in the house are heavier duty, that is a good indicator the rest of the home is of higher quality as well!
  2. Qualty & Designer Carpet. Everyone knows what the standard tan color in carpeting is. A builder who actually puts a color in a room is trying to differentiate their home from the competition. Additionally, get on the flloor and feel the carpet.How does it feel? You can also ask the builder for the details about the carpet and compare it to other carpets online.
  3. Appliances. Another tell tale of the overall quality of the home is the appliances. Before you go shopping for a home, head to your local appliance store and get the run down on what are the brands and how they compare in price. Each brand has several levels of product so make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Again, cheap appliances may be a sign the rest of the home is cheap as well. Also, ask the builder for pricing on upgraded appliances.
  4. Paint. The reason that every home has cream colored paint is because it is the lowest common denominator. It most importantly to the builder the least offensive, meaning no one is turned off by it. Once a builder adds color people start to form an opinion of the home because they do or do not like the color and that could kill a sale. A builder that adds color to the home might be an indicator that the home builder pays more attention to details. Another detail that makes a big impression on me is painting the garage walls. When you see an unfinished garage, that is an ovious sign the builder is watching his costs and may be more concerned about making a profit than building a quality home.

One thing we do want to mention is that higher quality does costs more money and it is easy to run up a tab on higher quality parts and pieces. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it makes the home unaffordable. It is not difficult though to do your homework so you understand the value of upgrades and different choices. Sometimes the preformance can be a measurable factor and sometimes the intrinsic value is just worth it. Also, by understanding these things you will increase your dollar value. For example, upgrading the appliances for a nominal amount for something more energy efficient or is graded to last twice as long may make better sense.


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Re:Top 4 'Differentiators' for new homes for sale in Boise Idaho
Thanks for the information. It helps me a lot. Anyways, property prices have been declining nationwide, and are continuing to do so. However, the good news is that property sales are increasing. The past few years have been volatile for real estate. That said, it would appear more individuals are likely to loan lender to finance the purchase of a property. That said, it might be that sales are only picking up due to low prices rather than rebounding consumer confidence.
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