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It is easy to see what you are getting when you buy a home but you must go farther to truly understand the homes value. The problem is that in the current market many builders are looking for the lowest cost materials and products which may not change the way it looks but over time the performance will drop and the home will look like a eyesore.

Boise Idaho Run Down HomesBuilders compete on price when is comes to sales and unfortunately it is the home owner who suffer over the course of time. Home prices are based on market value. They do not necessarily vary in price by quality. A 3 bedroom 2 bath home is priced relatively the same compared to other homes in the neighborhood or area. This means that for every dollar that a builder could spend to increase the quality of the home just eats away at his profit. Therefore the motivation to build a home that is truly rock solid with quality materials and built to last 100 years is not there unless it is  a custom home and even then the bank probably would not finance it.

If you understand the last paragraph it will also make sense that people in today's world are only buying homes that they intend to live in for just a few years, hoping to leave the poor structural construction potential issues for the next home owner.

If you are considering buying a new home it is your responsibility to take the time to understnad the internal quality of the home. It is very difficult to do once the home is finished but if you intend to live there for 20 years you don't want to find out then in 12 it is going to start showing signs of age, and we are not talking about needing paint or new roofing shingles.

Many builders do pride themselves on quality and try to find ways to show their homes are not like the competition. 

I wish buying a home were simple and there was a test you could perform or that the price reflected the quality relative to comparable sized homes. This is why you need to start early and look at lots of homes. Do not think this only applies to enty level homes either!


Posted by tlangford at 3/3/2011 5:13:00 PM
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