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Whenever you read a report, you need to question the interpretation. To some extent, we can trust that the information is accurate but how the information is displayed or interpretted is what you should take with grain of sale. Idaho Real Estate Market cannot be summed up in a sentence or a single analysis. There are too many moving parts to dumb it down to one point.

Idaho Foreclosure Property and Short SalesI read another report today and it was very narrow minded. If you read the report you would wonder why any one would buy a home? You have read those reports- the market is crashing, prices have not bottomed out.

The other culmulation that gets reported is that there are great deals out there because everyone is  in a position that they have to sell at pennies on the dollar. How many people do you know that got a deal? Yes, most people know of a story or of somone but rarely is there a deal. Turns out peope, nor banks are in the business of losing money and giving deals. Does it happen? Of course but it is the exception.

If the market is so horrible why do people buy homes that are over $200k? Maybe some of those deals aren't so great? Why did we build over 1,200 homes in 2010 in Ada County alone? Maybe there is more to it than just the report you read by an Idaho Realtor or the media, like the Idaho Statesman. Business is about people and what they need. While you can't ignaore trendds and reports but to define the market by one report is not an accurate description.

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Posted by tlangford at 3/13/2011 3:34:00 PM
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Re:Don't believe everything you read?? Especially, from an expert!
Good post


Does the source of advice get a comission, etc..
Is the source looking for a headline for...

There is a LOT of money in the home buying industry and that produces some of the biggest corruption and most bias advice

...FYI NAR (R) is the WORST
Posted by on 3/13/2011 10:39 PM

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