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When researching builders in Boise Idaho remember no builder is perfect but you need to find one who strives to be. Also, although testimonials are the best source of information, seek those that not only just moved in buy also those that have lived in a home for a while. Also, find information about your builder from outside the industry.

Finding a builder is an important part of the process in buying or building a new home. One thing I have learne over the years is that at the end of the day, each builder is very different but they all do the same thing, basically.

How are they the same? 
Very few builders actually build a home in today's world. Their job is to manage people and parts. Their job as a builder comes in to play when there is a problem. This is when experienced builders are able to shine.

How are they different?
Many things seperate one builder from the next but the one thing that will stand out is your relationship with the builder. This is probably the one thing that builders say is the most important.

Finding an Idaho home builder.

There are several ways to create a list of builders to choose from. You can determine whom Idaho's top selling builders are. You can drive through new subdivisions and tour model homes. You may also get referrals. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are seeking advice from people within the industry, they are very biased. They make money by keeping by referring business to builder, called commission, or may be developing stonger relations with the builder by referring them a client. 

Client Testimonials.

Idaho Builder TestimonialsThis may be the best source of information about a builder but don't just get the most recent clients, ask someone who has a home that has been lived in for a while. One way to find a great builder is to find a client who had a problem, even better- after the warranty expired, and find out how it was handled.

Do you due diligence, it will help you get better results.


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