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Building a Boise custom home is an exciting journey. There are numerous decisions to make and you can make them with your builder to design something magnificent and a custom house that is your style. Of course, unless you have an unlimited budget costs can escalate rapidly. Here are a few tips to help control your costs in construction.
  1. The first tip is to not only have a total # that you can afford to spend, but a budget for each line item on your custom home design and amenities- home lighting, landscaping, cabinets, etc. One thing that will hlep you stay in budget is to actully start short. That way when you go over on some items, which you will, you have some wiggle room.
  2. Believe it or not, you may not actually need 4 thousand square feet? Just by reducing the size of the home, even just 300 square feet will reduce your overall costs. Most custom homes seem to cost $100 to $165 currently. So 300 feet could be $30k. Now you can afford the media upgrade, you can get the granite that you saw on display, you could add a feature you can't do with out.
  3. Add or upgrade things later. This is not the greatest plan, in my opinion but it can help you get what you want now. For example, you can build the home but not finish the basement at this time. Keep the landscaping small and either buy things things that are smaller and let them grow or add more the next year, Another suggestion, is to have it ready for completion. for example, having the house wired for a network without adding the alarm system, speakers and other upgrades. You can also go back and upgrade things like lighting, garage amenities, etc.

Ask your builder for other cost saving tips. For Example building a single story is more expensive than a two level home. A second story reduces the amount of concrete, roofing, insulation, trusses and the overal footprint which increase the performance and efficiency of the home.

Have fun building your custo home. Share your suggestions with us as well.

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