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Many people use their gut to decide on a builder, while there is validity to this, it should not be the only nor most important factor in deciding on a builder.

There are literally hundreds of builders around Treasure Valley that could build a home for you. Most people find a builder they feel good about and start the buiidng home process. In today's world most builders don't actually build a home, everything is subcontracted out. So choosing a builder is actually less important except for one critical element. What happens when things go wrong? Only an experienced builder will be able to understand the problem and determine proper actions to resolve. An inexperienced can schedule and negotiate al the subconntractors but what if there is a flaw in the plan or something  that starts below ground happens. Without the experience of building  a home they will be guessing and if by chance it is simething that may cost them money, what will they do?

An experienced builder will know how to handle it and is committed to making it right because their business is on the line and pride. A fly by night builder will take what he has made and run.

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Posted by tlangford at 6/16/2011 2:03:00 AM
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Choosing a home builder isn't difficult when you make some research on their qualifications before making a final decision. There are so many home builders and you need to eliminate the ones that won't do you good. It will also help to know what your plans are beforehand. Go with a home builder who knows his way well http://www.zcustomhomes.com
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